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About Dr. Stoller

Skilled in functional medicine and an expert in hyperbaric chamber treatments, Kenneth P. Stoller, MD believes that countless people are living with a misdiagnosis of mental illness. As the Medical Director at the Taos, NM clinic Pro Oxygen, Dr. Stoller offers telemedicine consultations. Dr. Stoller is known for his ability to identify underlying infections misdiagnosed as mental disorders and other conditions. He offers telemedicine consultations for a variety of complex conditions, including autism, chronic pain, brain injuries, and Lyme disease.

Dr. Stoller specializes in hyperbaric chamber medicine for the treatment of numerous conditions with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and cancer. He also has extensive experience in diagnosing medical mysteries and offers customized treatment plans to improve an individual’s overall health and wellness.

In addition to hyperbaric therapy, Dr. Stoller provides comprehensive treatments for men’s health using natural supplements and bioidentical hormones. He focuses on non-amphetamine strategies for treating conditions like chronic pain, fatigue, and inflammatory bowel disease. Patients also have access to effective solutions for overcoming addiction using bioidentical hormones and cannabidiol (CBD).

Through his book and website, Incurable Me, Dr. Stoller is working to close the divide between quality health care and the complex trio of pharmaceutical companies, insurance agencies, and government influence.

To learn more about available telemedicine diagnostic consultation services, schedule a consultation with Dr. Stoller today by calling the office or by requesting an appointment through the online booking feature.